Paragon Talent Group: Branding & Talent Management Boutique


We are a Los Angeles based, boutique management firm specializing in Brand Management & Talent Management with a passion for elevating every brand we work with through utilizing unique and innovation strategies that are proven effective.

Each Solution is tailored to each Brand specifically, as we understand that no two brands that are exactly alike. Whether you are a Public Figure or Influencer looking for effective branding strategies to launch a new campaign for a business venture, or a Recording Artist looking to employ promotional strategies to sell out shows and engage Fans, we are highly skilled at meeting the needs of our Clients and finding a system that yields the most beneficial results.

Here at Paragon, our clients really are like Family, so we make it our mission to go above and beyond in order to over-deliver, and overachieve the goals set in place for your brand. What’s the “Secret to our Sauce”? We have an entire team of experts who are able to pool together pertinent Industry resources and years of experience across multiple industries to develop a unique and fully comprehensible Action Plan just for you or your brand complete with achievable deadlines, action-based deliverables, and complete outlines to keep you on track every step of the way.

“Our clients really are like Family, so we make it our mission to go above and beyond”

We also specialize in full-scale talent management services to include: contract negotiations, development and execution of technical riders, overseeing event and tour coordinating, tour planning and management, sponsorship solicitation for Indie artists, music release campaigns, and so much more. We are also in partnership with an in-house PR firm that that cater to all of your press and media needs.

Let us show you why we’re exactly what your Brand has been missing!

Meet Our CEO, Shantaya Pace

Shantaya got her start in Hollywood over a decade ago as a Celebrity Red Carpet Correspondent, working her way to becoming a lead Publicist and eventually a highly sought-after and celebrated Talent Manager to the Stars. Utilizing innovative proprietary strategies unique to every Brand, she has built a team of game-changers who help to make the vision come to life.

Shantaya has become a highly active member within the Film and Entertainment industry for over ten years and has had the privilege of working with and forging lasting relationships with not just some of the most recognizable Entertainers and Celebrities spanning across all areas of entertainment, but also Production studios, Licensing firms, Sales & Distribution Agencies, and Public Relations conglomerates alike.